New York Poems (Collection)

I’m Moving to New York

by Toni Borkovic

I’m moving to New York; and do not try to stop me!

I want to be around the hustle and bustle,

Where only I can define me

Where the rectangles of yellow light from up high beam

Though no one is ever home in those buildings, it seems

Because they are all out here, talking their talk

With their quick-paced stalk

Their impatience devouring the crosswalk

Constantly moving, that’s where I want to be

I’m moving to New York!

And — please — do NOT try to stop me!

The Village

by Toni Borkovic

If you stroll on a June day, it can be very tricky

To try and help yourself from becoming all humid and sticky

Because when your mid-summer walk

Makes you take frequent pit-stops,

Your day can zip by without grabbing a cone from the Big Gay Ice Cream Shoppe

If you know what Village is mentioned

Then you know not to question

That yes, that one show was filmed here that one time

So you may want to skip 90 Bedford

And stroll in a different direction

If You Take the Subway

by Toni Borkovic

If you take the subway, then you know not to stare

If someone is eating a Gyro in the corner, who cares?

This isn’t your train

And trust me — no one will refrain

From letting you know

You are letting your tourism show

Even though you’ve been here for while

Can you believe the A train runs thirty-one miles?