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Something About the Rain

The sounds, the smells and the surge of creativity. Sensory overload can be our friend sometimes.

When you step outside, at first — you immediately notice the difference in the air. Your surroundings instantly shift from the day before, and you start to revel in the magnificence that you are typically driven mad from: silence.

There’s something about these days — rainy ones, that is — that offers more artistic energy than usual. When you allow this thunder-stricken treat to engulf you for the day, you see your outlets in a different light. Maybe its the atmosphere, you think; but then you start to analyze every bit of your surrounding, and that is the true difference that you don’t notice at first. It sneakily swifts you away, the rain, and your environment is immersed in immobile movement: as if every happening or haste has halted on this day for you to enjoy.

Submersing yourself in somber in this climate could be another way to ignite a creative spark, however it doesn’t typically suggest any interaction with the outside. This is another blind blessing, you can notice: quiet, calmness, candles and maybe even slight music in this background you’ve created for yourself. This loud muteness is enough to fill your thoughts with ideas and creativities that are usually muffled, however the cloud-filled skies have immersed your headspace with clarity.

If you experience these unexpected rainy days in Arizona such as I, you know to bask in all it has to offer, as you know the time you have with this newfound inspiration is minimal. It becomes sad to think of — the idea of having to firmly grasp days such as these, as if it transcends in your ability to hold onto it for so long once the sun comes out again. Maybe this is the idea, though: never inviting this rainfall as it may dampen your plans and keep you idle; but this torrent tricks you into thinking that maybe it isn’t a bad idea to let what usually engulfs your plans, engulf you instead.

Maybe Mother Nature has been on to something here…

As if she knew that we all need these days — days of precipitated peacefulness — to shake up our stability and jolt us where the lighting doesn’t usually strike.