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Poetic Boroughs

Now here I exist

Everyone is nothing, but

Will I become 

Yet another 

Ordinary passenger taking the

Ride to the place of never

Knowing how much it will 

Cost to maintain

Imagination and

Tell myself, I am not another

Youth chasing old dreams?

Being the eye of all that is

Ritual, thinking you need to be

Original by living in a place that is

Oblivious to life beyond

Knowing what you are told,

Looking for the journey

You only know for other people,

Never for yourself

Questioning the process, never 

Understanding that 

Everyone has their path,

Even those whom are triumphant

Neglect the truth that their 

Story was never written in a day 

Maybe it is a place of

Assumed struggle with opportunity,

Not similar to other places that 

Have no ignition or drive to

Articulate a plan – a 

Terminal map that can 

Transform hopes and dreams 

And chances into the reality you 

Never knew existed elsewhere


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