Finding Your Outlet

It’s been a while.

There are so many things a day involves completing. Whether you stay at home, spend your day at work or run errands all day long, something needs your attention. How can you get this all done in time, while still eating more than just a granola bar and sipping on iced coffee all day, and still somehow get your eight hours of sleep?


Phew. There’s time. There’s somehow always time. We get things done, in our own fashion without the worry of “when” or “how quickly” somehow. In the midst of complaining or mapping out this afternoon’s overwhelmed breakdown–we plan. Planning always seems to calm me down. Having a physical or mental agenda for the day ahead relaxes me. I remember there’s time and to have patience. I’ve scheduled these times for a reason, to prevent that afternoon tantrum.

I’ve just found my outlet: planning.

For others it may be exercise, and some may indulge in nothing. These are the mechanisms we create and enable ourselves to regulate and normalize and create into a routine. What’s yours?

For myself, having a journal or notebook (or seven) calms me. It allows me to strike some kind of creative energy that puts me into that “zen” state–but still allows my mind to think as quickly as my hands and go go go. This rush of artistic adrenaline and short-term creativity only lasts a minute, but that is what I have allowed myself to crave. This is my indulgence; this is my outlet. Subconsciously I planned for this breakdown and knew I would reach that ultimate conclusion of “this is fine, this is good”. I’ve even plotted at what time of the day I would have this epiphany. Call it ‘crazy’, decide it to be ‘wacky’. This is my outlet, and again, what is yours?

A great thing about finding your outlet is that it is keen to you. You allow it to engulf your way of thinking, let it adjust your way of processing the day. For some it can be music, or it can be avoiding to plan anything at all. That is it’s beauty–it morphs and it bends and it shapes into what you can fit it into; more than an idea, or simply just that. It is freedom. It is creative. It is unique. It is indirectly you.

I have been planning things a lot lately. On paper, on calendars and in my thoughts.

I recently have been promoted at work, an escalated position that will trigger and demand this outlet of mine ever so frequently than before. I’ve also been babysitting more, doing favors for regular customers and friends that compensate in exchange for my time. I don’t mind this. Because of finding my outlet and going with it, I have made it part of my process and now allow myself to skip the breakdowns and realizations of time as an essence. I have discovered this: my time isn’t of the essence, rather what I do with it is.

My new position requires me to be more available and more involved in work. Dedicating fifty hours of my time a week to work may seem ridiculous to some–I now see it as another challenge and way to implement my journalistic outlet I have discovered. That is another thing that finding out something new about yourself can bring you; discovery. Lessons. Obstacles that you eventually look forward to. My outlet has now supplemented my adventurous yearning and has been implemented into my day-to-day routines. I have discovered a new way, a new me and a new sense of creativity to put into my functioning.

This is a good discovery. I have learned something new about myself.

What do you implement into your routines to make them unique? See a quick look of my journaling obsession on my Instagram post here

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