Appetite-Suppressant Lollipops Aren’t Very Cool

Today I was reading the paper, an—

Ok…wait no I meant scrolling through my Twitter feed…

Today I was scrolling through my Twitter feed, and came across something so extremely immature and toxic and no it was not an 11 year-old eating a Tide Pod for lunch but..something even more ridiculous: Kim Kardashian in an ad.

Before we get into this—really Kim?? An ad?? What the f*ck could you possibly be advertising that the average middle-class could use in their day-to-day lifestyle? Not the point.

It was what the most powerful Kar-Jenner member was advertising; and the Insta caption reads…

“You guys…They’re Appetite Suppressant Lollipops and they’re literally unreal.”


I know what you’re assuming—just don’t worry about the damn lollipop because A) it’s just a lollipop and B) again, it’s a f*cking lollipop.

You’re right, but it’s the message that’s concerning.

Big picture: maybe celebrities—especially one as pop-culturally influential as Kim K who has more than a 60M following average on all platforms—shouldn’t advertise Appetite F*cking Suppressants to their fans.

Unfortunately, those 11-year-old, Tide Pod-eating bastards are the suggestive average of KKW’s cult-following.

For all they see, Kim K—an influential being in their eyes—has just summoned a new stigma that “suppressed diets are cool”, or, might as well be saying “you’re 12 and don’t eat candy to lose weight? Bye!”

This is a problem.

Celebrities earn (or in KKW’s case, are gifted) their platforms. Now, I’m not saying a celeb’s content needs to be censored or aimed at certain criteria. For example, Miley Cyrus happened (and it was awesome) but the 2006 Hannah Montana fan in me was worried.

Please tell me at least two of the Jonas Brothers are okay….

Simply phrased: How much longer are we going to allow faces in the media badly influence others? Also, why is KIM MOTHERF*CKING KARDASHIAN INFLUENCING CHILDREN????!!!

Ultimately, I’m sure celebrities can’t control who their audiences are, or who will be influenced by their gestures. But, shouldn’t that encourage a more positive use of power? Ever heard of a more neutral appetite-suppressant like….food?? Kids should eat food.

I’m just sayin’.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of Celebrities: Once Again Making Cash on Promoting Unrealistic Physical Expectations for Young Adults and Children.

Time to eat a lollipop because ironically, this b*tch is hungry.


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