Good morning! Good evening! Welcome.

I’ve learned that my feelings, experiences and troubles are best translated through typing, so naturally, here we are.

I am 20 years-old with a knack for making friends and a yearning for implementing that in whatever projects I want to ensue. I don’t know much about being grown-up, yet, but my full-time barista position and access to different individuals has proven that nobody really does, either.

Knowing this relaxes me, and I hope to bring that sense of relief to what you read—the exerted *sighs* that you let off your chest when someone else (or many others) have admitted to what you’ve been thinking is abnormal for you to be feeling, too.

I’m learning that (mostly) everyone is retrospectively blind when decisions, responsibility and acts of maturity come at-play, and that I am not alone in not knowing—not alone in not wanting to know what my next step is.

Oh, and I also have two dogs, a verbally passionate Italian mother and an obsession for New York City.


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